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I purchased this hair 6 months ago and I am still very happy with it, I used it twice thank you International Hair.

Cherron G.

First time buyer and I am impressed. It curls great, even after dying it and doesn't tangle or mat.

Nikita B.

One word.....EXCELLENT!!!!

Taryn M.

When I went into the store the lady there was very nice and patient with me, I had a million questions and she answered every one. After being in there for 45 mins I finally decided on the spiral curl. I have been wearing it now for about 3 weeks and I must say although I was nervous getting curly hair in the beginning I am so pleased with my buy. There is a little shedding because its curly but what got me is there is NO crazy tangles, there is a reason they call this collection Flawless. Love it.

Danielle S.

In love with this hair, I dyed it my colour and the texture did not change. Definitely recommend this hair to all.

Ashlee N.

Third time buying the hair, love this company! Ends were very thick for the 26", quality remains consistent.

Jennifer O.

Bundles are soft, wefts look good. Can't wait to install.

Lauren G.

Beautiful hair, I am 100% pleased thank you International Hair.

Tracy H.

Hair was already clean when I bought it, it's so soft and natural looking. I am running my fingers through it as I'm writing. It's been in for 3 weeks and there is no shedding but I did seal my wefts. It doesn't really hold a curl throughout the day so next time I will get wave instead do straight but I love this hair.

Jurlisa G.

Repeat customer for a reason, International Hair has da bomb hair. Love y'all!!


This is my second purchase and just like the last time I love it. I got 2x26", 1x22" and 1x18". Last time I got 3 bundles it was enough and looked natural but I wanted 4 to have more body and a bit thicker for when I do my Farrah Fawcett curls. Sandra was very nice she answered all my questions and understood exactly what I wanted. The hair is so soft it doesn't tangle or shed. Last time I had this hair in for 3 months and it held up pretty well, if my braids weren't messed up I'd probably still have it in. YES, it's that good ladies!!!

Yolanda L.


Michelle G

A luxury every woman can afford

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